The Dangers of High Heels

sjp9f-2-webSarah Jessica Parker reminds all you ladies out there that every little magic comes with a price! And for the magic that transforms the average pair of legs into model like; head turning; eye-popping; girlfriend slap inducing, pair of gorgeously long legs that reach up to heaven, the price is your feet. And it comes in the form of bunions, hammer toe, a bad back and possibly a hole in your wallet. in a recent interview with NET-A-PORTER, she reveals that her doctor told her “Your foot does things it shouldn’t be able to do. That bone there … you’ve created that bone. It doesn’t belong there.”

While prevention is the best cure, telling you to avoid it would be a futile, repetitive and dull effort. It probably easier to get a 50 year smoker to quit his nasty vice than to use shock tactics to stop a girl from buying heels… True story.



Hammer Toe

Hammer Toe

So while I can’t tell you to stop and I won’t (you girls do look nice) , ill give you my 2 cents worth of advice on how best to protect the 10 little piggies from further torture:

1. Limit your walking, running, jumping, standing in heels – You have endured a 100 minutes on a bus-train-walk to the office. By then you would’ve flaunted off those god sent pair of legs to about 162 people.  For goodness sake change into a pair of ultra comfy Jelly flats from melissa that everyone is raving about. There’s definitely no shame in that. Plus I’m sure your colleagues couldn’t  care less. (

If you are heading out for a long party night, keep a pair of Rollasoles ( in your bag. For just in case your feet feel like they’re swimming in hot burning coals after 3 hours of dancing to LMFAO.

2. Make them as comfortable as possible – Get insoles that help cushion and distribute the pressure on your feet. Scholls have a wide range of different insoles you can use , depending on your instrument of torture, called Party Feet. Check them out here:

3. Choose quality over price – Stay away from shoes that look awesome but are incredibly cheap. in the same way, would you pay for Makeup that cost $1? They’re bound to be dodgy…

4. Try to get heels with a more gradual slope – this puts less pressure on the ball of your foot as well as on your arch.

5. As far as possible, get shoes with a thicker heel – This may help not help with poking the eyeballs out of your attacker, but it sure is good for avoiding getting stuck in grills, falling into the MRT gaps and most importantly, it helps give you stability while you are walking and standing. Which in turns relieve pressure from the rest of your foot which normally would try compensate for the lost of balance.

Now that you have damaged your feet, hooked the guy of your dreams, but found out that he is a foot masseuse and has a MAJOR foot fetish, what can you do about your bunions and hammer feet? Well to start with, not much. The changes to your foot are permanent and anatomical. Unless they are affecting your lifestyle in a significant way or causing chronic pain, doctors would usually recommend home care to relief the symptoms:

  1. Change to roomy shoes
  2. Ice it for 10-15 mins
  3. Orthotics (custom insoles that relieve the pressure)
  4. Pain killers and anti inflammatory drugs

If you have tried everything, but are still bothered by the pain, the inconvenience, the feel and the look of your feet, you can consider surgery:

Before after pictures of bunion surgery, courtesy of

Before after pictures of bunion surgery, courtesy of

before and after hammer toe surgery, courtesy of

Bunion Surgery and Hammer Toe surgery should be done by a qualified Foot and Ankle Surgeon. While Foot and Ankle Surgeons fall under the greater specialty of Orthopedic Surgeons, not all are qualified and trained to operate on your foot. Just a quick overview, they can be categorized into:

  • Musculoskeletal (they deal mostly cancer and tumors of the bone and connective tissue)
  • Adult Reconstruction (total hip, knees, shoulder replacement)
  • Spine (spine fusion, laminectomies, disc replacements)
  • Sports (mostly knee, shoulder, hip and elbows: dealing with soft tissue, like meniscus repair and arthroscopy procedures)
  • hand (trigger finger, carpal tunnel)
  • Foot and ankle (BUNIONS & HAMMER TOE Surgery!)

Make sure to discuss your expectations with your surgeon, and while the pictures above look nice and encouraging, it should never be used as solely a cosmetic procedure. While good cosmesis is one of the outcomes of the surgery, let me remind you that every magic comes with a price and the risk of surgery may outweigh all the benefits of having it.

Happy walking!!