Health, while being the most important aspect of our lives, is often the most neglect. Most people leave it in the hands of Doctors whom they so wholeheartedly trust, irony is that in my 5 years of a medical related profession, it is not uncommon to find very good doctors who are also the most unhealthy ones. But therein lies the problem and also the obvious: Doctors treat the sick not the healthy, so if you are depending on doctors to keep you healthy, you’ve got it all wrong.

The journey to great health is a journey, one that starts with a commitment to look after the most important thing to you: YOU = Your Body, Mind, Soul. Sounds very “iffy” I know, so let me Elaborate… Your Body is the hardware, the physiology, what gives us the ability to sense, the thing that bleeds, the goosebumps. Our mind is the software, it is the programme that instructs the body to react, to perform an action, to duck when one hears a loud explosion to dilate when there’s not enough light and to remember your wife’s birthday. The Soul is something less substantial and hard to measure, but however is as real as the body and the mind. It is the guilt we have after telling a lie, it is why we cry when we read about a stranger losing his daughter, it is the love we feel for that special someone.

All 3 aspects are interwoven and cannot be seen as a single unit as all 3: the Body, the Mind, and Soul make up an individual. In writing this Blog, i hope that it serves as my daily health as well as a source of health reminders and updates for my readers. I know for a fact that great health is contagious. In your journey to better health, your loved ones will benefit too.

This is Your Daily Pill.


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